Aug 11, 2015

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Tuning to Beneficial Frequencies

Tuning to Beneficial Frequencies

Our crystal bowls can be tuned to specific frequencies. We can get as specific as possible within the range of the bowls we have. If we are blessed with a whole set of 7 or 12 bowls then we can reach all the frequencies in the 4th octave. It is a broad scale of frequencies to work with.

There are frequencies recommended for almost all of our ailments on this web page:

It is called the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL). Here we can see which frequency might be good for this or that disorder. These are called the Rife Frequencies. There are no guarantees of any results by using these frequencies. Yet there is a possibility that some of them might resonate and help to harmonize whatever ails you or a loved one.

With that intention in mind and heart I share what I have learned about working with the Rife frequencies and the crystal bowls. If we are blessed with bowls that have the range of these frequencies, then we can generate and share them in a beneficial way with the intentions of the Highest Good for All. We can tune the bowl(s) to theses vibrations and play each one for about five minutes and something wonderful might happen. At least it is a very relaxing time, and that is always good!

Regarding working with these Rife frequencies:
You will find frequencies on this list from 20,000 Hz to 10 Hz. Obviously our bowls do not play in such high or low Hz. So we must do some calculating to find a frequency that we can work with that resonates with them.

Regarding the higher frequencies on this list, higher than, say 500 Hz…
We can use our crystal bowls for frequencies that are octaves higher than the sound of our bowl, like twice the bowl’s frequency, or times 4, or times 8; always a double. We dial the bowl into the equivalent of one of the higher frequencies on this list by dividing it by two as many times as needed to reach the range of our bowl.

For example take the frequency 1200 Hz; divide it by 2 = 600 Hz; divide it by 2 again = 300 Hz. You can use a D bowl for this if it plays 300 Hz or higher, bringing it down with water to 300 Hz. Calculate any higher frequency down until you reach a playable octave.

Regarding the lower frequencies, a similar thing can apply. If it is an octave or two below what plays our bowl, multiply it by 2 until you reach your range. For example take the frequency 60 Hz. Multiply by 2 = 120 Hz. Again by 2 = 240 Hz; again by 2 = 480 Hz, which we can reach with a B bowl that plays above 480 Hz. We add water to the bowl and bring it down to 480 Hz. So we can reach any frequencies below what a bowl plays.

Regarding the time of application, none is suggested in this list because it is a compilation of input from many sources and experimenters with frequencies. Based on my work with another type of system for generating the Rife frequencies (using a light source), I use between 5 and 10 minutes per frequency, applying as many that are listed for a particular thing as my bowls will play.

When I play the bowls in this beneficial manner for a person, I tune whatever bowls are needed and at hand and play each sound for about 5 minutes. I always include a time for Silence after the bowls. I have received positive comments about the results.

For those who are not nearby and for everyone who may not have the bowls to generate these frequencies, I have recorded many of them with my crystal bowls for 5 minutes each. They are available for free downloading at this link:

And the CAFL frequencies are also available at this link:

You can look up a dis-ease or dis-order on the CAFL list. Note the frequencies listed. Do the calculations to determine the frequency reachable with your bowls and tune the bowls to them. If you do not have the right bowls, look at the link above for the frequencies I have recorded to see if it is there. If so, download and use them. They can be played any time, while you are doing your normal daily activities, cooking dinner, walking the dog and especially while you are sleeping. You do not need to sit and meditate, although that is OK, too. The frequencies will penetrate deeply and resonate with the silica in your bones and with your whole cellular structure. Not all of the frequencies have been recorded yet. I will continually be adding more frequencies to this list.

Hopefully some of them can be of benefit.

I hope this helps. We need to do much work with the bowls and frequencies to learn how best to use them. Let us share what we are learning.
Many blessings,

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